Product Details

A Simple, High-Quality, Solution To Underpowered Headlights.

P.E.V. FireLight 2022 Smart Headlight. Scooter or E-bike exclusive headlight accessory with long lasting battery, IPX6 waterproofing, USB-C charging, 10,000 actual mAh of battery, with OLED display for easy viewing.

The Perfect Electric Scooter & E-bike Headlight!

FireLight L2000 PEV Headlight

Too heavy to justify lugging around on a traditional bike, the FireLight L2000 PEV light is the perfect modular accessory for any battery powered vehicle. With it’s massive 10,000 mAh battery, easy to read OLED display, and 2000 real lumens of output, the FireLight L2000 will never let you down in the dark. This headlight package includes the FireLight L2000, handlebar mount, USB-C charging cable, and a product instruction manual. 

Four Brightness Levels + Strobe & S.O.S Modes

100 lumens

500 lumens

1000 lumens

2000 lumens

Product Details

Make sure you stay ahead of the road with the L2000 PEV specific headlight. Most handlebar headlights are too dim, don’t last long enough, aren’t waterproof, or just plain don’t work; Not the FireLight L2000. This headlight comes equipped with 8 high powered LEDs, 2 x 21700 5000mAh battery cells, USB-C port for charging external electronics, an OLED display with exact timer and battery readouts, a durable metal housing, IPX water resistance rating, 5 power modes, and up to 2000 lumens of output. Compared to the Nitecore BR35 @ $129.99 – this PEV light offers extreme savings.

We currently offer this light in two versions:

  • XHP LEDs offer superior lumen output (up to 2100 lumens). A slightly warmer color temperature is easier on the eyes at night and excellent for off-road adventures.
  • XPG2 LEDs offer a slightly longer run time and up to 1800 lumens. A cooler color temperature means superior visibly for you against traffic.

Lumen output is tested and confirmed. Please see picture of lumen discharge chart for low, mid, high modes. Each light also features a strobe and SOS mode.