FireLight L2000 PEV Headlight

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This headlight is perfect for electric scooters and e-bikes. It offers superior visibly and runtime when compared to other headlights. Please read the product description below to learn more.

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Make sure you stay ahead of the road with the L2000 PEV specific headlight. Most PEV headlights are too dim, don’t last long enough, aren’t waterproof, or just plain don’t work; Not the FireLight L2000. This headlight comes equipped with 8 high powered LEDs, 2 x 21700 5000mAh battery cells, USB-C port for charging external electronics, an OLED display with exact timer and battery readouts, a durable metal housing, IPX6 water resistance rating (see video on home page), 6 power modes, and up to 2000 lumens of output. Compared to the Nitecore BR35 @ $129.99 – this PEV light offers extreme savings.

We currently offer this light in two versions:

  • XHP LEDs offer superior lumen output (up to 2100 lumens). A slightly warmer color temperature is easier on the eyes at night and excellent for off-road adventures.
  • XPG2 LEDs offer a slightly longer run time and up to 1800 lumens. A cooler color temperature means superior visibly for you against traffic.

Lumen output is tested and confirmed. Please see picture of lumen discharge chart for low, mid, high modes. Each light also features a strobe and SOS mode. 

EDIT: We have updated the firmware to now include a 1000 lumen mode. This seems to be the perfect middle ground between performance and battery life. New firmware also increases the accuracy of the timer. 

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9 reviews for FireLight L2000 PEV Headlight

  1. Yogi Steve

    Ginger on Wheels has developed a real winner with the Firelight! My Firelight seems to never run out of charge, and at 2000 lumens is brighter than the sun! The Firelight fits very solidly to my scooter with the included adapter.

    I 100% recommend the FireLight and only Ginger on Wheels knows more about riding than I do. A great product from a great influencer buy it!

  2. Tim West

    It’s so bright!!!
    I recently purchased the FireLight after hearing about it on one of Ginger on Wheels’ videos. I am delighted to have it as it makes my rides home in the evenings so much safer. I can adjust the power to what I need from as low as 100 lumens all the way up to a super bright 2000 lumens. It was super easy to install on my ebike and scooter. Convenient to charge through USB plus it even has a USB C option to charge my phone in a pinch. Super solid buld and I highly recommend it.
    Tim from Tim’s Electric YouTube Channel

  3. Scoot the harbor

    I am so impressed with the firelight I bought two. To have so many cool features and under $100 was unexpected. The light output is actually a little bit better then my cygo light metro.Grat job GOW!

  4. Brian G

    This is one of the best escooter/bike lights I have ever used. It’s simple, bright and durable. GingerOnWheels has definitely made a quality product here. This is well worth it!

  5. Kevin Cavanaugh (verified owner)

    Thank you Ginger on Wheels for the best light I have ever purchased, also thank you Electric Scooter Academy (Yogi Steve) for talking about it on YouTube, great advertising.

  6. Wayne H. (verified owner)

    I’d give it more stars if I could: 5/5 product, 100/5 support. After some initial feedback on best operation practices from GingerOnWheels, our units have worked phenomenally. Quality product through and through, but more impressive has been the customer support from GingerOnWheels. I’ll say emphatically, and without reservation, that we received the most thorough and considerate customer support I’ve EVER experienced for ANY product or service. I encourage anyone considering a light for their PEV to look no further – you won’t be sorry.

  7. Ellie E

    I was gifted the FireLight from my partner and it is incredible! It worked wonders on his scooter and the mount also worked on my bike handlebars – even tightened down enough to not wiggle/bounce while moving. It is incredibly bright and so helpful for our winter night rides. Thanks for the great product!

  8. Rich

    As a light aficionado, I can honestly say the firelight is one of my favorites lights. Super bright, accurate battery % display with minutes left. Definitely get the gopro adapter you get tons of options for mounting.

  9. Champ (verified owner)

    Great product, the lighting is phenomenal, battery life is tremendous, if I had a gripe about it, it would be the screw clamp is sorta weak you may have to double up on the rubber to tighten it but it’s still pretty sturdy👍🏽

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