EV Car Charging Adapter. J1772 to NEMA . 220v

Original price was: $99.00.Current price is: $79.99.

Use this adapter to plug your scooter charger into electric car charging stations.



If your PEV charger accepts 220v AC input then you can use this adapter to plug into any car charging station! Simply plug this adapter into the car charger, plug your scooter charger into the adapter, and charge away! No more hunting around parks and gas stations for an open outlet, hoping you won’t blow the breaker when you plug in. Guaranteed working on arrival. Guaranteed best price in North America.

NOTE: Your charger MUST accept 220V AC input (it usually says input range on the front of your charger). If your charger only accepts 110/120v then your charger WILL explode if you attempt to use this adapter at a car charger.

Size: 5.5″ x  2″

Weight: 8.5oz


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